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When You Signup for our system we can setup your Golden Prospector Direct Response lead campaign in where you can generate one lead or appointment every 1.5 hours. Plus, you will have access to our Marketing Strategies Course worth $995.00.

Or you can signup for $13.00 leads in real-time. This means that when you receive a lead, you can be assured that prospect requested a quote only seconds earlier. We never recycle our leads – period. As a result, agents report close rates significantly higher than conventional 'internet leads'.

Plus, You Will Have Access To Our $1500-A-Day Sales Formula Using Postcards and "Live Transfer Power Dialer" Appointments...Plus Receive 1,000 Niche Leads! PLEASE NOTE: This $1500-A-Day System is only for agents who want to be a heavy hitter and has the funds to pay $97 per month for We recommend you baby step this process by reinvesting 25% of your commissions back into your practice.  

"How To Build A Million $$$ Practice Selling Insurance In Your Sleep Working From Your Home Based Office."



Learn How Top Agents Are Selling 5-8 Policies A Week From The Comfort Of Their Home Based Office Using Telesales and The Internet. Average commissions are $400-$500 per policy. Learn how to use our "Marketing Secret System" to build your practice.

If your tired of running all over the state chasing deadbeat life insurance leads or final expense leads, spending ton of money, going into bad neighborhoods and not getting the production and income you deserve...YOU CAN NOW FORGET THAT STUFF!

Learn How C. Askins from MO. sold $45,098 in final expense plans in 21 days all over the phone with a ton of facebook leads and "Live Transfers."

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Mid West Agent Does 64K in 30 Days in Final Expense Using Lots of Telesale Leads and Facebook Ads.

Discover How Some Home Based Agents Are Selling 5-8 Term Applications a Week over the Phone Using, Live Transfer Appointments, Traffic Secret System and Our Aged Internet Life Insurance Leads and Our Software Called Golden Prospector 7X Lead System.

Here's What You Get In The Ultimate Six-Figure Sales Funnel.

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How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep. We design your Term Insurance, Final Expense, Guaranteed Issue with Gerber Life or IUL landing Pages, Sales Funnels, 10 Video Email Auto Responder Series, Hosting, SEO and Domain Purchase. Plus access to Traffic Secret System.

The 5 Most Important Strategies To Discover How To Sell Term or Final Expense Insurance While You Sleep."

Here's What You Get In The Ultimate Six-Figure Sales Funnel.

How Any Advisor Using Our "Ultimate Six Figure Mega Sales Funnel" System Can Add An Extra $6,000-$10,000 Per Month of Passive Income To Their Existing Business With 100% Zero Agent Involvement "Sell While You Sleep Products." We will design and maintain your website landing pages, sales funnel auto responders, search engine optimization and 10 video email dripping series. (Value $997.00)

How To Sell Term and Final Expense By Doing Truly Nothing! Here's two products agents can literally sell in their sleep. You simply get custom websites made for you where you just promote and advertise the domains...Do you like the idea of "Selling While You Sleep." Sample Term Website. Sample Final Expense Website.

$1500-A-Day Appointment & Insurance Sales System

$1500-A-Day Appointment & Insurance Sales System. This system is set up for agents who are serious about making money and can invest in their business. You can sign up for our "Power Dialer" and hire two experienced telemaketer to call each 3-4 hours per day. Then you can reinvest your profits. Using our Automator appointment and quoting system you have a team of 15 USA phone counselors sending you "Life Appointments" during the day or night. You can turn it off and on with your schedule. We have people calling in or have visited our website and they want an insurance quote.

We recommend you choose a minimum of 6-7 counties or your whole state or better yet be licensed in 5-7 states (more leads coming your way at a low cost) and have our quote engines for Term insurance, Final Expense insurance and IUL' up and running. Your goal is to get 10 "Live Transfers Appointments per day. You can turn on or turn off the system anytime you want. For every 10 transfers per day we are selling 3-4 policies a day. These are organically generated by social media ads, emails and other call based sources. Leads are exclusive for you. Cost is $30-$35 per lead. We give you $200 lead credit and if you add $500 to the system you would be good to go. Averaging commission ranges from $400-$500 per case. Your GOAL should be to reinvest your commissions you make to where you're grossing $1500 a day and neting out $1,150 per day. You can play with the numbers from this point.

In addition, you will need to follow our "Marketing Secret System" which includes learning how to do Facebook Ads add $15.00-$20.00 per lead. 

100% Zero Agent Involvement "Sell While You Sleep Products"

Sell While You Sleep Products. Includes Lighting Fast Term Website, Final Expense Website, Guaranteed Issue with Gerber Life. "Virtual No Agent required on most of our products!" All you do is market the link and banner ad using our $1500-A-Day Appointment and Selling System or use our Golden Prospector 7X System. We have powerful phone scripts you can use for the Golden Prospector. 

$17 Leads...The best Mortgage and Final Expense Leads On The Planet.

$17 leads...The best Mortgage and Final Expense Leads on the planet for selling Term and IUL's. Only $17 per lead. Close averages 3 applications for every 14 leads. One agent did $14,000 in IUL premiums on one of these leads. These leads are a combination of mailers, online and call center leads. Our vendors then validates and scrubs the lead by calling the prospect and they find out if they are looking to speak to an agent. The lead is then sent to the agent via email for a call. The leads have been verified, qualified and exclusive. Closing average is 33%-40%.

Six Additional landing pages and a monthly client newsletter 

Six Pre Build Landing Pages for Getting Leads- Annuity leads, CD Buster, 6 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make, $20,000 Final Expense Landing Page and Wealth Transfer Landing Page for SP and IUL's. (Value $387)

Traffic Secret System

(This is a 12 month course to show you how to be an expert with Social Media.) You will learn how to get leads for $10.00 to $18.00 per lead. Learn how to use Facebook ads, You Tube videos, Linkedin, Twitter, referral systems and how to get FREE traffic. ($997.00)

You Might Be Wondering...

Who even made this Ultimate Six Figure Mega Sells Funnel?

This system was create by Russ J. Jones who worked with programmers, developers, email providers, hosting ,etc. He has developed other courses like, 197 Marketing Strategies, Baby Boomer Millons, Final Expense Millionaire Course, Postcard Millionaire Formula and Instant Client Attraction System. He is well known as an expert in lead generation and sales funnels.

Do I have to know any tech skills, programming or email blasting skills?

 No, we create all your landing pages, sales funnels, dripping video email campaigns, hosting SEO and domains for you. We even setup your Facebook campaign for you. All you do is fund it with your credit card. We think you will make more money taking 6-7 "Live Transfer" daily and selling 33% of them with average commissions of $400-$500. Compare to taking the nest 12 months learning how to do websites, email campaigns and programming.

Can I download this guide and read it later?

We’re glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. We will email you the report so you can download it, print it, share it with coworkers, and read it at your leisure.

Can I really start selling Insurance While I sleep?

By all means! In fact, many agents today sell 7-10 policies a week all over the phone using "Real-Time Leads and Live Transfers" with everyone contact them. Many are asking for an insurance quote or you can direct them to a simple website where they can signup directly without talking to an agent. If they don't buy we send them a series of 10 emotional true videos that some will bring tears to their eyes.

They will outsell even the best agents.


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 Due to building your landing pages, sales funnels, 10 video email auto responders, paying for your hosting all sales are final. It takes us 8-10 hours to do this task and pay for hosting and other related services. We can not guarantee you will make money with this system. It's all based on you working the system, investing your time and money in leads, live transfers. We have no control over these tasks.

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. We do not make any guarantee with this system. Please note that all your results are based on your effort and dedication to what is taught in our systems. We are not affiliated with Facebook, Google, Bing or Yahoo in any way. All information provided on this website is based on best practices and for educational-purposes only.